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Your Partner’s Roles Are So Important

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For many baby builders, there’s two of you involved during pregnancy and birth planning.  Your partner’s roles are important, both before and after baby is in your world. Recent research[1] says that fathers (but we could extend that to any partner) can struggle to find their role during pregnancy.

They can have an involved role from the minute you know you’re pregnant. The ideal partner is the one who researches with you, learns with you, advocates for you, and who collaborates to write the birth plan. Make sure the final version of this goes in your health care practitioner’s file and on your hospital bag checklist.

The most effective birth plan is a statement of your preferences, based on continued research. Contributing to this makes your partner an active player rather than passive observer. And it helps you both be on the same page regarding the preferences you’ll include in that birth plan.



If you’re giving birth at home, there’s a ton of things to get ready. It could be your partner that can tell the midwife or doula where the baby clothes are or know how to put older children back to sleep if labor activity wakes them up.

If you’ll be in the birth center or hospital, there’s the trip there and back with baby to plan ahead of time. Your partner needs to know the route to that birth facility, know where older kids will stay during labor, and who to call to meet you (or even, who to keep away).

During labor, your partner is second to you. But their participation and willingness to be your advocate is invaluable, even if you have a doula. As you both envision labor, consider what will help your partner be the best they can be.

If you just adore head-banger music but your partner is an easy jazz lover, now’s the time to find what music works for both of you. That choice can be incorporated into your birth plan and added to the important hospital bag checklist.

Your partner can run defense for you. Whether it’s with hospital staff, family members, or your own sleep needs, your partner can step in and manage things. It matters that they will speak up for you and maintain the right environment, or know how to install the car seat, or will hold a restless baby.

By using this special time to research together and create a birth plan, your partner is already assuming their important role. Their role in managing household preparations, taking care of their own health, and standing strongly with you during labor are super valuable contributions to beginning life together as parents.


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Published: August 19, 2015 | Reviewed by: Kim Walls, Natural Products Expert, Elizabeth Bachner, LM, CPM, L.Ac., Midwife | Last reviewed: August, 2015

Kim WallsYour Partner’s Roles Are So Important

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