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Staying Low Risk During Pregnancy

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Despite what drama-addicted movies and television shows tell us, many women have low risk pregnancies. But health can change during pregnancy. And it can shift your status from low to high. Let’s look at your low risk pregnancy status and how to stay that way.

Also, your pregnancy risk status will influence which of your birth preferences can be included in your birth plan. Staying in the low risk group means many options are open to you.


Your risk status means how likely you are to have serious complications.

As a result, they could threaten either your health or your baby’s health and development.

Having a low risk pregnancy means you probably won’t have any serious complications.

The main risk categories are:

Many women use pregnancy as a time for self-improvement

Growing a baby is a precious job. And it helps a lot of women look at their habits and lifestyle. Because maintaining a low risk pregnancy is a full time project.

As a result, they choose to do things differently because

  • They want to be as healthy as possible.
  • They want to feel (and look!) their best during pregnancy.
  • And they want to have few or no complications afterward that could interfere with enjoying being a new mom with an adorable new baby.




You’re growing a baby and all the extra cells, blood, and fluids you need for your health and baby’s. Good nutrition is one of your first parenting decisions.

For a simple, complete guide to great pregnancy nutrition, check out the Brewer Pregnancy Diet.

Here’s a healthy tidbit: research shows that children of mothers who consumed Omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy and for the first 3 months of breastfeeding scored higher on intelligence tests[1],[2].


Regular, appropriate exercise throughout your pregnancy does many wonderful things:

  • stimulates circulation
  • eliminates many discomforts
  • prevents injuries by keeping joints flexible
  • increases your respiration to bring vital oxygen to baby

Here’s a good guide to workouts during pregnancy.


Most women know drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine should be avoided during pregnancy.

Many of us don’t realize that things we use every day could affect our growing fetus. Why not use this baby-growing time to also eliminate common toxins from your daily life?

The skin we’re in is our biggest organ.

And it easily absorbs any of the chemicals used to perfume, color, or preserve things like body care products, toothpastes, makeup, cleaning supplies.

Many options exist now for toxin-free products that do the same thing but don’t flood your body with chemicals that could affect your baby’s development.

And the same goes for food.

If your budget can manage buying organic foods, you’ll go a long way in eliminating toxic chemicals.

If you can’t buy organic, at least buy fresh. Most towns or cities have local farmer markets with fresh produce.

Eliminating processed foods will pump up the vitamins and minerals you’re getting from real food.

Consequently, you minimize the chemicals you absorb and that become part of your baby’s development.


Writing a birth plan is a project of love.

Because, it asks you to research and think about what birth is best for you.

Creating a birth plan can reduce stress because you grow in confidence by learning so much.

Through that process, many women discover social and medical connections with people who can support them.

Writing your birth plan will show you the many options you have to create the birth of your dreams.

Knowing these options can reduce confusion. And that can lead to joyful anticipation!

Most of all, reducing stress[3] by being healthy means you and baby have the best chance at a great start in your life together.

So make that birth plan, smooth on that all-natural lotion, breathe your way through yoga, cook those yummy foods, and write that hospital bag checklist.

Baby will be here before you know it!





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Published: December 12, 2016 | By SP Turgon, Certified Labor Doula | Reviewed by: The Best Ever Baby Expert Team | Last reviewed: December, 2016


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