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“Parenting begins way before a baby is born. I encourage moms to research their product, pregnancy, and parenting options – looking far beyond marketing materials from the very beginning. Pregnancy opens up a whole new world, one that asks each parent to research all the choices available to them, to decide what feels best, what


“Earth Mama believes in leveling the playing field to help mamas find the best information about truly safe personal care and herbal products,” Olson says. “We know that what goes on a pregnant mama goes in her baby. It’s our job to make sure Earth Mama products are always as safe as Mama’s arms.” Melinda

Kathi S. Randall

“A mother’s scent is soothing for babies in the NICU and for any baby while they’re away from Mom. Hold or sleep with baby’s pajamas. Your scent will help comfort your baby when you may be apart.” Kathi S. Randall is tireless in her work as a Neonatal Nurse, Nurse Entrepreneur, Environmental Activist. Her specialties:


“Did you know that your baby imprints strongly on flavors from breast milk? Your early food choices are among the most important determining factors of your baby’s future food preferences.” Dr. Greene offers parents evidence-based information as well as wisdom from his years working with parents and their children. Alan Greene, MD is a renown


“Virtually all of the discomforts and challenges of pregnancy can be lessened or eliminated through a safe exercise program. Commit to get or stay fit during pregnancy. Fitness during pregnancy can feel great and create a foundation of future health.”


“Some moms love to have a special aromatherapy spray prepared for linens and washcloths and the room in general. Aromatherapy is both soothing and uplifting.” Val Peterson is a labor doula joyfully serving the San Diego area. She is creator of Birth Day Postpartum Recovery Spray and offers birth consulting, doula, and lactation services.


“Breastfeeding can present numerous challenges to the new mother and her infant. Seeking the help of a qualified and experienced lactation consultant can be a powerful and proactive solution to help you over those beginning breastfeeding issues.” Wendy Halderman brings her long nursing experience and expert wisdom as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


“You’ve got this. Parenting is a journey and you’re not on it alone, there are other parents and most importantly, your children. You’re growing together. The greatest gift you can give your children, besides love, is breastmilk.” Jessica Martin-Weber is a breastfeeding advocate and founder of The Leaky Boob, a forum for support and education


“Don’t fall into the “my friend has it” trap. Choose products based on YOUR lifestyle. Babies really don’t need that much in the beginning. Allocate your money for the important categories.” Jamie Grayson knows baby gear! He is The Baby Guy who has been featured in “Best of New York City” list from New York


“Whether cradling your naked baby against bare skin, massaging or simply caressing your baby’s face, ample skin to skin contact is critically important for mom and baby.” Kim Walls wants every baby and mother to thrive, naturally. She is a dedicated advocate for helping women have the best birth they can, in the best way


“Breastfeeding may not be as easy as people tell you, but it’s so worth it! If you struggle, know you’re not alone. More than half of new mothers and babies have real difficulties in the first weeks after delivery. Download latchME before or after you give birth.” Jonathan Goldfinger, MD knows breastfeeding makes babies healthier.

Amy Tara Koch

“To be completely prepared for D-Day, have your hospital bag packed and ready by week 32. It will give you a semblance of order and control.” Amy Tara Koch wants you to look your best so you feel your best, at any stage. She is a journalist for Travel & Leisure Magzine, travel fiend, and


“800,000 – 1 million women each year will find themselves suffering with a mood or anxiety disorder around child-bearing. If you are worried about it, you are not alone.” Diana Barnes PsyD specializes in maternal mental health. She is an internationally recognized expert on the assessment and treatment of perinatal mood disorders, and co-author of


“A child of a new sibling will be delighted to know that you depend on her. Ask how she thinks the new baby will act once they come into the world. Ask her if she’s willing to help.” Kimberley Clayton Blaine helps families integrate and blossom after the birth of a new baby. WorkingMother Magazine


“Great music can relax our moods, provide needed energy, and strengthen our mental focus to support the mind and body during labor.” Anna Getty, dedicated environmental advocate, is also founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month. She’s not only a mom, she’s a Holistic Lifestyle Expert, actor, and author of Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic.


“Breastfeeding a newborn… requires a great deal from a mom. It is very important to live your life differently during these first few weeks… to establish and maintain a great milk supply it is important to rest and eat well.” Corky Harvey wants mothers and babies to love breastfeeding, be good at it, and make


“In many cultures, women don’t leave the house for 30-40 days after giving birth; resist the urge to “bounce back” after giving birth.” Abigail Morgan, L.Ac, serves the Glendale, CA area, helping families create and maintain health through Chinese medicine. She is owner of FLOAT, where they provide Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, herbal medicine, nutritional


“Understand your partner could be your biggest supporter and advocate. Get them engaged from the very beginning. Help your partner understand their vital role.” Founder of Project Breastfeeding, Hector Cruz is dedicated to helping breastfeeding succeed by involving and educating partners of breastfeeding women. Hector understands the magic and importance of breastfeeding, and works to

Linda Storm

“Hospitals often use harsh detergents (and chlorine bleach) to clean hospital clothing, bedding and baby blankets, which can transfer into baby’s delicate, thin skin.” Linda Storm was the previous Director of Infant Massage Institute USA. She is an expert in the infant massage world and knows that infant massage creates benefits that help build healthy


“Couples that lose physical intimacy are more estranged in every way. Just as your baby needs physical love and closeness to thrive, so does your partnership.” Wendy Strgar advocates and educates about intimacy, sexuality, and wellness. She is a social entrepreneur, Loveologist, Speaker, Educator, Revolutionary, Mother, Wife, and Author of Love That Works.


“Massage therapy combined with gentle chiropractic adjustments during the final weeks of pregnancy can improve pelvic function and decrease your body’s resistance to the baby’s natural downward motion during labor.” Elliot Berlin is an award-winning chiropractor in prenatal and family wellness who helps women manage pregnancy and postpartum discomfort. His team at Berlin Wellness Group


“A clear and simple birthing plan is the most effective way to be sure the desires of both you and your partner are understood. Discuss ahead of time with your medical providers.” Mom and LCSW Alisa Donner is co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month. She’s dedicated to empowering pregnant women and their new families through education,

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