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Nurses Choose Safety For New Parents and Their Babies

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By SP Turgon

Nurses make all the difference in a woman’s birth experience and baby’s first experience. It often falls to nurses to be advisor, counselor, liaison, and advocate for moms who want to give their new baby the purest and healthiest of everything, especially safety.

Birth is a vulnerable time.

The immediate postpartum period sets the stage for successful breastfeeding as well as future health. Eighty-two percent (82%) of women say they need help weeding out the pseudo-natural from the purely natural products they can trust for their baby. Ninety percent (90%) will quit breastfeeding within six weeks if they don’t have support, resources, and information.

Most of these women turn to their nurses for that guidance and support in the first days, support that will sustain them through the first challenging weeks. They rely on their nurses for the safety of knowing how to make healthy choices.

Most nurses are busy taking care of a multitude of immediate needs.

They don’t have time to hang around the computer, rummaging through the internet looking for healthy sources of local products, information, and experts. They have to rely on trusted sources the same way new mothers and babies rely on and trust them.

Having evidence-based information and verified safe items within easy reach allows clinicians to safely, confidently offer these to the patients in their care.

Best Ever Baby is an Advocacy NGO in collaboration with trusted organizations, experts, and agencies all working for wholesome, non-synthetic choices as a pathway to public health.

Its free Best Ever Baby Care Kit supports excellent nursing care that meets and exceeds the Core Measures of WHO/UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.

Each kit combines 15 items (educational and product samples) to help mom continue well after she leaves your care. It’s a fun, informative gift you can safely send home with mothers, knowing that each item was third-party verified by a panel of doctors, nurses, lactation consultants, and midwives.

Every month your facility will receive the appropriate number of cases. Each box contains 32 or 96 Best Ever Baby Care Kits for Mom + Baby — loaded with top tips, expert advice and safe, approved products to support breastfeeding, safe sleep and skin-to-skin for healthier outcomes. According to the number of new babies in your care, you can easily adjust the quantity through a quick email to GPO Pricing is available through Green Health Exchange. For hospital pricing and order information, contact DandleLion Medical.

Your guidance is critical to moms during the vulnerable postpartum time. They will always remember it. With the Best Ever Baby Care Kit you know they’re getting pure health and your best wishes, all in one.


To learn more about how Best Ever Baby supports awareness, education and community connection to baby friendly topics and resources for new moms, download our free Birth Plan eBook now. After three years of research, collaboration with more than 100 childbirth experts and resource centers from Healthy Child Healthy World to the American Association of Neonatal Nurses, the Best Ever Baby Birth Plan Guide is available for a free download.
This new resource for pregnant families is a compilation of top tips and advice from more than 20 nationally-recognized experts in the field including renowned pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene and GraceFull Birthing founder, midwife Elizabeth Bachner. These trusted experts talk about breastfeeding, safe sleep, skin-to-skin and so much more, providing thoughtful guidance to help parents make the healthiest choices for their families.

Published: January 20, 2017 | By SP Turgon, Certified Labor Doula | Reviewed by: The Best Ever Baby Expert Team | Last reviewed: January, 2017 


Sabriga TurgonNurses Choose Safety For New Parents and Their Babies

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