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Do I Want a Midwife or Doctor?

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Those two telltale lines appeared on your home pregnancy test. It’s probably time to think about that important first trimester decision: do I want a midwife or a doctor as my care provider?

And after the first question comes the flood of further questions of who, what, where, when, and how to plan your birth.

Your care provider is a key partner in monitoring your pregnancy, month by month.

Because working with a care provider you trust means

  • having all your questions answered
  • having your preferences taken into consideration
  • knowing all the options open to you

Your care provider is also the one who can give expert input for your birth plan choices.

And your trust in them can influence so much:

  • what you include in your birth plan
  • who will be at your birth
  • where you’ll feel best bringing your new baby into your world

Usually, your main choices for care providers are between a doctor or a midwife

Both are trained professionals who want the best for you and baby. Sometimes you’ll also have the choice of a nurse practitioner, the person who works under your doctor.

The main differences between doctors and midwives are where they practice.

And the other big difference can be their perspective on pregnancy and birth.

Sometimes, you can choose to have a combination of midwife and doctor, but that’s rare.


Use this chart to help you decide whom you feel most comfortable with.

Please remember that not all doctors or midwives fit exactly into the categories listed here. But most do. And every one of them wants the best birth and healthiest moms and babies.

The representations below are those with which the vast majority of health professionals agree.

As you begin research for your birth plan, having the right care provider will help you find answers to the many other questions that come up.

When that far-off day arrives, and if you choose a hospital birth, be sure to include your final birth plan on the hospital bag checklist you use to pack your suitcase!

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Do I Want a Midwife or Doctor At My Birth? - Best Ever Baby - besteverbaby - birth plan

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Published: December 19, 2016 | By SP Turgon, Certified Labor Doula | Reviewed by: The Best Ever Baby Expert Team | Last reviewed: December, 2016






Sabriga TurgonDo I Want a Midwife or Doctor?

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