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Life Beyond the Birth

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The wait will be over, the intense birth will be done whether or not it went according to plan. You’ll be settled in at home with your new baby and ready to move into life beyond the birth. So, what’s that look like and how do you do it?

Be kind to yourself and set realistic expectations! Until baby’s about a month old, you shouldn’t plan to do much of anything except feed baby, eat, sleep, change diapers, and sneak in a quick shower every third day, if you’re lucky. But once that rite of passage is complete, you’ll be ready to replace birth planning with life-with-baby planning.

It’s time to unpack the hospital bag, frame (or burn!) the birth plan, and tuck away the stores of pregnancy wisdom you now have, ready to pull it out for the next mom who’s planning her birth.



Fortunately, you have the internet at your fingertips and can find all sorts of fascinating support, education, and fun. Where you researched birth preferences and plans before, now you, your partner, and your friends can spend hours finding the latest news, the best products, or the local groups of like-minded parents that hang out together. If you haven’t already, it is time to find your village!

There are La Leche League or lactation consultants ready to encourage and assist you to stay with breastfeeding as long as possible.

There’s the trip to the great natural, organic food store where you’ll be able to eat anything you want without worrying what harsh chemicals may be going into your mother milk. Your tastes may have changed and you may want to try things that didn’t appeal to you before.

There are all the awesome techniques to use with baby – massage, music, movement. Don’t forget those excellent and adorable mom-and-baby exercise classes. They’ll help your body get back in shape and baby’s body learn greater balance.

Yes, life is hectic and you’re still getting settled. Yes, you and your partner both need to reward yourselves for a job well done.

And yes, your house is more crowded with stuff, more active with irregular schedules, and more crazy than ever before. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?


To learn more about life after birth, download our free Birth Plan eBook now. After  three years of research, collaboration with more than 100 childbirth experts and resource centers from Healthy Child Healthy World to the American Association of Neonatal Nurses, the Best Ever Baby Birth Plan Guide is available for a free download.

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Published: August 19, 2015 | Reviewed by: Kim Walls, Natural Products Expert, Elizabeth Bachner, LM, CPM, L.Ac., Midwife | Last reviewed: August, 2015

Kim WallsLife Beyond the Birth

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