Hospital/Birthing Center Partner Application

Thank you for your interest in providing the Best Ever Resource Kits in your hospital!

This initiative is part of a local, not for profit, outreach program to increase awareness of, education about and accessibility to a naturally healthy lifestyle for growing families in your community. The Kits are Baby Friendly and curated by a panel of experts including Doctors, Nurses and Lactation Consultants.

Please complete as much of this quick questionnaire as you easily can so we may best serve you. You will hear from us shortly!

Is your Hospital/Birth Center Baby Friendly?
YesNoWorking on it
Which of below does your Hospital/Birth Center have? Please mark all that apply.
Labor & Delivery unitNICUPrenatal Support & Education Initiatives (e.g., birth preparation classes)Postnatal Support & Education Initiatives (e.g., infant massage, breastfeeding, moral support)Labor & Delivery Tours for prospective families
Approximately how many babies are born in your Hospital/Birth Center each month? Please specify.
If you offer Labor & Delivery tours to prospective families, approximately how many families tour your Hospital/Birth Center every month? Please specify if you know.
Are there any Hospital/Birth Center in your area that you consider to be particularly competitive with yours for Labor & Delivery?
YesNo If yes, please specify which ones
Are you interested in having your Resource Kits customized with your Hospital/Birth Center logo?
Do you already work with local support providers like lactation shops?
If yes, please specify which ones and elaborate on your relationship with them if possible.
Which Best Ever Resource Kits might you like to give away to your families? Please mark all that apply.
Labor & Delivery Prenatal tour KitsPostnatal Resource KitsNICUFor Siblings
How many kits do you think you will give to the families in your care each month?
Have additional thoughts, comments or ideas? We want to hear them! Please elaborate.

Please keep in mind that Resource Kits are not available in all regions due to their local focus. We hope to be supporting you soon!

With appreciation,
The Best Ever Baby Team

Kim WallsHospital or Birthing Center Resource Kit Application