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Flying While Pregnant – Third Trimester

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Most airlines discourage women from flying after week 28 (7 months), the end of your second trimester. A general recommendation is to avoid traveling more than 300 miles from home in your third trimester.

And if you have pregnancy complications, it’s best to avoid flying after 32 weeks. But, as always, check with your doctor or midwife. Most care providers will discourage you from flying if you have a condition that could worsen with altitude or pressurized cabins.

Some may accommodate you up to 35 weeks, but you should check with the airline for their rules. And remember that the return flight must fit into that time frame, too, because of the heightened chance of premature labor.

Flying while pregnant is often stressful, and even more so when your baby bump is enormous, your bladder incapable of waiting more than 12 minutes between bathroom visits, and swelling is more common. Stress alone could trigger premature labor, an obstetrical situation that flight attendants are not prepared to manage.

Once your baby is born, flying is not advised until she is at least a week old. Newborn lungs just aren’t mature enough to maintain the oxygen levels necessary in a pressurized cabin. Even better if you can wait six months.

Although yours may be a healthy pregnancy, your third trimester is one that usually keeps you close to home, preparing for birth and finalizing your birth plan. Birth preferences can change as your due date gets closer, or late pregnancy health issues could affect your birth plan as well.

Making sure you have your hospital bag checklist ready, a copy of your final birth plan in your hospital bag, and all the folks you need for childcare and pet care lined up helps reduce stress and enhance joy. Travel can wait.


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Published: February 27, 2018 | By SP Turgon, Certified Labor Doula | Reviewed by: The Best Ever Baby Expert Team | Last reviewed: February, 2018

Sabriga TurgonFlying While Pregnant – Third Trimester

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