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Questions You Should Ask About Unexpected Cesarean Sections

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Planning for birth means planning for the unexpected! If changes during labor mean your vaginal birth might not happen, you’ll be glad you knew what questions to ask in advance about unexpected cesarean sections.

First of all, many choices are still available to you! You can even put a part about C-section choices in the final version of the birth plan. And, remember to include it on your hospital bag checklist.

Want to assure that making those C-section choices is as smooth as possible? Talk about a possible cesarean birth with your entire support team (healthcare provider, partner, family or friends that may be with you during labor, nursing staff in the hospital).

You’ll be glad you did if you have to make such a big choice between contractions!

So, here are some topics to include in the conversation before you write your final birth plan:


  1. What are the reasons you would suggest a C-section?
  2. What health issues do I have that you think might make the cesarean necessary?
  3. What kind of incision do you use for C-sections?
  4. Can my partner be with me in surgery?
  5. Can I watch the delivery of my baby?
  6. Can my baby be seeded with my microbiome?
  7. How can I have immediate skin to skin (STS) contact?
  8. If it’s not possible for me to have skin to skin contact, can baby be given immediately to my partner for skin-to-skin?
  9. Can the umbilical cord stay attached until it stops pulsing?
  10. Can my partner or I cut the cord?
  11. Can I immediately breastfeed my baby?
  12. Can my baby stay with me in my room?
  13. Can examinations of my baby be postponed or done while he’s on me or my partner?

Maybe you want to read more about choices regarding cesarean sections. The March of Dimes has great info and suggestions for before and after your C-section that can help you write this part of your birth plan.

Finally, remember that any birth plan is worth changing if it means you and your new baby are healthy and safe. If your plan includes a section about possible C-sections, it helps everyone know what to work toward, no matter how your darling baby is born.


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Published: January 5, 2017 | By SP Turgon, Certified Labor Doula | Reviewed by: The Best Ever Baby Expert Team | Last reviewed: December, 2016



Sabriga TurgonQuestions You Should Ask About Unexpected Cesarean Sections

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