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Finally, birth and newborn care professionals can promote safe sleep, skin to skin, breastfeeding and reduced exposure to harsh chemicals with support from natural, WHO code compliant partners.


  • Our BEB partnership helps us educate parents searching for allergy and congestion relief and healthy remedies without harmful chemicals. It’s very rewarding to connect with the BEB moms - new and growing families who prioritize natural health. We love knowing that our brand is getting in front of the right people who truly appreciate what we have to offer

  • Our BEB partnership helps us educate parents searching for allergy and congestion relief and healthy remedies without harmful chemicals. It’s very rewarding to connect with the BEB moms - new and growing families who prioritize natural health. We love knowing that our brand is getting in front of the right people who truly appreciate what we have to offer.

  • Best Ever Baby shares our commitment to serving moms, babies, and the Earth. Working with them has given us the perfect opportunity to provide education and share our brand in a meaningful way. We’ve met a great many new lactation consultants and breastfeeding supporters through our partnership over the years, and consider BEB an invaluable resource to introduce our products and support to the new moms who need it most. Plus, we love that BEB is Baby Friendly.

  • We think new parents deserve healthy intimacy, vaginal wellness and essential educational resources. Best Ever Baby does too. They’ve helped us tremendously to educate pregnant and new moms while sharing our wonderful products in moms' time of need.

    Good Clean Love
  • Such a valuable opportunity to introduce Water Wipes to the the many new moms learning to care for sensitive newborn skin. BEB families want only gentle chemical free products, which makes it great for us to work together providing education and support to growing families. BEB is the only program out there that provides us with the flexibility, reliability and clinical access that makes the most sense for our brand.

  • We love that the Best Ever Resource Kits are Baby Friendly. They not only promote breastfeeding but the entire spectrum of healthy choices and products that are available to growing families in our community. This kit is absolutely perfect for hospitals.

    Corky Harvey, MS, RN, IBCLC & Wendy Haldeman, MN, RN, IBCLC, Co-Founder of The Pump Station & Nurtury™
  • Parents of sick or premature infants in the NICU need all the extra help, love and guidance they can get. The Best Ever Baby initiative goes a long way toward helping new parents feel confident and supported during this extremely overwhelming time.

    Kathi S. Randall, RN NICU, San Diego
  • As a midwife, I always try to educate my expectant mothers with information and tips on healthy and natural ways to bring a baby into the world. The Best Ever Baby kit is an all-in-one resource for information, education, and products. I definitely plan on sharing these with all of my moms!

    Sandra, RN Midwife, Irvine
  • Every new mom should have the Best Ever Resource Kit. Not only does the kit promote safe sleep and skin to skin, there’s truly no other Baby Friendly collection of products and information like it. Thank you for putting all of this important information in one place. Love the ebook! Such an amazing resource.

    Elyse Eberstein, MSW, CLE, Mommy & Me Instructor at The Pump Station & Nurtury™
  • I’ve never seen anything like this. The Best Ever Initiative is the only program out there that fully supports a healthy lifestyle in the medical community – from breastfeeding baby to the importance of skin to skin well beyond birth. I’m so grateful that Best Ever Baby exists. The moms who birth in our community are going to be truly delighted with this gift from the Birthing Center.

    Jenny, Doula, San Diego
  • It’s a revelation to have so many healthy living suggestions and solutions from birthing, breastfeeding, kangaroo care, safe sleep, to wellness for the whole family in one place. So informative! I’ll most certainly be sharing Best Ever Baby with my patients

    Karen, Obstetrician, Los Angeles
  • I can’t tell you how much I wish Best Ever Baby existed when I had my baby. There were so many choices and so many products that the whole process was really overwhelming. The Best Ever Resource Kit, Birth Plan and eBook would have helped me so very much. Thanks for creating Best Ever Baby!

    Evette, Mom of 2 and Preschool Teacher, Santa Cruz
  • It is about time that something like Best Ever Baby exists!! I’m super excited to share the Best Ever Baby tools – Resource Kits, eBook and Birth Plan – with every single one of my pregnant friends.

    Nancy, Mom of 3, Santa Monica
  • This eBook and kit should be available in every hospital and birthing center in the country! New parents are overwhelmed and searching for information from resources they can trust. This ebook and kit provides valuable tips and important product knowledge from renowned experts. A must have for every hospital and birthing center that wants to show new parents that they truly care about their families’ health and well-being.

    Jill Campbell, Psy.D. , Staff psychologist at The Pump Station & Nurtury™
  • Parents want the best for their babies, Best Ever Baby helps them make informed choices about products that are toxin free and healthy. We use so many products on or around our new babies- finally new parents have a trusted guide to help them maneuver the lists and lists of products that they will buy, in a way that will keep their babies’ bodies and environments as pure and chemical free as possible. What a great resource for our parents!

    Jesse Zilberstein, IBCLC at The Pump Station and Nurtury™
  • Wow. The Best Ever Baby eBook is a welcome change. I hope every hospital and birthing center is moving to point new families towards more conscious information, products, and lifestyle.

    Rachel Sarnoff,
  • The BEB hospital bag checklist has lots of things on it that other lists don’t, and leaves out so many things that would just junk up hospital rooms. What a great list! Plus the American Pregnancy Association says this one is the best, so I trust it completely.

    Sharyn, RN and expectant mom, Port Charlotte
  • My favorite thing about the BEB hospital bag checklist is that it includes siblings and partners. As much as I would love for my hubby to think ahead about what he and our daughter might need at the hospital, I just know he won’t. Everyone should have the BEB hospital bag checklist as a place to start. Highly recommended.

    Tammy, Blogger, Mom of 2, Fort Worth
  • This is the perfect hospital bag checklist. Just perfect! It includes everything I might want, but makes it easy for me to pare it down to just the things that are right for me. It is definitely the best list I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a bunch.

    Mimi, New Mom, Rochester
  • Since the American Pregnancy Association is presenting the BEB hospital bag checklist as their #1 highest rated, checklist, I’m stoked to be using it. There are so many things to think about when it comes to birth, I really don’t want to have to come up with my own list too. This hospital bag checklist is just right.

    Lauren, Due 12/16, Woodland Hills
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