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Keep track of the times you nurse or pump for your baby

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watch iconKeep track of the times you nurse or pump for your baby

pump iconTrack breastfeeding & pumping for moms who do both interchangeably

calculator iconAutomatically calculate daily milk production totals

email iconExport your journal into a convenient table by email for your health practitioner

BEB Baby Journal Reviews

I love the simplicity of BEB Baby Journal… and the fact that there are no ads popping up at me makes it easier to focus on pumping and feeding my baby.

Carol, LA

So helpful that it continues tracking my feeding time even when I leave the app to do other things with my phone. I also find the expert advice tips to be spot-on and super useful.

Katie, NY

The fact that this app is free surprises me. I tried lots of BF apps to see what works best for me – both paid and free – and BEB Baby Journal is the most helpful by far.

Hlly, SD

Have Your Questions Answered by Experts

Get advice on breastfeeding and pumping related topics like storage guidelines, best times, travel and how much is enough. Or submit questions for personalized answers.


Do I have to do Jury Duty if I’m breastfeeding?


In 19 of the United States you can be exempt from Jury Duty if you are breastfeeding. Here’s the list

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dropletsLearn how to maintain and increase milk supply when separated from baby

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