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Walk into your birth confident
about what’s best for you and your family.

The birthplan includes information about:

Essential Paperwork

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Mom’s Personal Comfort

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Breastfeeding Support

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New Baby & Sibling Care

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Partner Role & Needs

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Life Beyond

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Leading experts guide you through your birth plan options in the Best Ever Baby eBook.

The Best Ever Baby ebook provides top tips about safe,
all natural products to support your birth plan.


  • I can’t tell you how much I wish Best Ever Baby existed when I had my baby. There were so many choices and so many products that the whole process was really overwhelming. The Best Ever Resource Kit, Birth Plan and eBook would have helped me so very much. Thanks for creating Best Ever Baby!

    Evette, Mom of 2 and Preschool Teacher, Santa Cruz
  • It is about time that something like Best Ever Baby exists!! I’m super excited to share the Best Ever Baby tools – Resource Kits, eBook and Birth Plan – with every single one of my pregnant friends.

    Nancy, Mom of 3, Santa Monica
  • This eBook and kit should be available in every hospital and birthing center in the country! New parents are overwhelmed and searching for information from resources they can trust. This ebook and kit provides valuable tips and important product knowledge from renowned experts. A must have for every hospital and birthing center that wants to show new parents that they truly care about their families’ health and well-being.

    Jill Campbell, Psy.D. , Staff psychologist at The Pump Station & Nurtury™
  • Parents want the best for their babies, Best Ever Baby helps them make informed choices about products that are toxin free and healthy. We use so many products on or around our new babies- finally new parents have a trusted guide to help them maneuver the lists and lists of products that they will buy, in a way that will keep their babies’ bodies and environments as pure and chemical free as possible. What a great resource for our parents!

    Jesse Zilberstein, IBCLC at The Pump Station and Nurtury™
  • Wow. The Best Ever Baby eBook is a welcome change. I hope every hospital and birthing center is moving to point new families towards more conscious information, products, and lifestyle.

    Rachel Sarnoff,


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