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Avoiding Harsh Chemicals Helps Your New Baby Thrive

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When you bring her home, your new darling will have just managed some combination of hours of squeezing, pushing and pulling, first breaths, bright lights, big sounds, and adjustment to a non-water world. It isn’t easy to be born! Now it’s up to you to avoid harsh chemicals and help your new baby thrive in his new world.

As you envision your birth experience, remember the first days afterward are also important to consider in advance. Planning what baby gets immediately after her birth, and before you go home (unless, of course, you birthed at home), can be considered as you think through your birth plan. Instructions to stick with natural products (like baby wash and organic diaper cream) are one of the more likely things in your birth plan that can work out just as you planned…unlike your actual birth plan!

When you make your hospital bag checklist, be sure to include as many healthy products as you can to use on your baby, especially in those first days.





Your birth plan can include a postpartum section stating that you prefer your baby only gets certain products or clothing which you have chosen and brought with you in your hospital bag. Some facilities still don’t allow non-hospital products to be used on baby until they leave the facility. It’s something you may want to know in advance of selecting your birth location.

Babies are so naturally sweet-smelling, it’s hard to resist plunging your nose into their cheeks and kissing them nonstop. Layers and coatings of baby products made with harsh chemicals can make it much harder for new babies to get through the many adjustments they’re already making. Even pajamas and crib mattresses often have potentially toxic substances like flame retardants.

Try to select – and bring with you in your hospital bag – products with only natural ingredients and cotton fabric for all that touches baby’s thin and delicate skin. You can even be picky about baby’s first bath! Choose a natural baby wash to help care for super sensitive skin and keep a healthy pH balance.

Organic products might be best – whether that means clothes, wipes, washes, or oils. By using these you guarantee as much as possible that you’re not sending harsh chemicals, pesticides, flame retardants, or colorants into your baby’s wide open pores.

More and more new parents are looking for better alternatives to old standards. This propels an increasingly active community of parents who refuse to accept products that can cause negative health effects, either immediately or in baby’s future.

Make your first stand as a parent the one that says, “My baby only gets the best.”


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Published: August 19, 2015 | Reviewed by: Kim Walls, Natural Products Expert, Elizabeth Bachner, LM, CPM, L.Ac., Midwife | Last reviewed: August, 2015

Kim WallsAvoiding Harsh Chemicals Helps Your New Baby Thrive

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