With the help of a National Natural Health Grant, as well as our trusted partners and the medical community, Best Ever Baby provides resources to new moms and the health care providers who support them. Our perspective is decidedly natural, and entirely evidence based.

With timely, regularly updated scientific data, we offer the most reliable birth planning guidance available anywhere. Best Ever Baby provides education, content curation and a clear understanding of the risks and benefits of each birth plan choice, with an inclination toward natural choices.

Our services include a free Birth Plan + Hospital bag checklist for new moms – updated yearly! For hospitals, birthing centers, and home birth midwives, we provide Best Ever Resource Kits to be given freely to the new moms in their care. These kits are loaded with top tips and product samples that are approved by our medical review committee, compliant with the mother-baby friendly hospital initiative, and absolutely free of harsh chemicals.

Best Ever Baby is the online destination to find a modern community of trusted, naturally-minded experts, brands and advisors who offer the very best tools and resources to support birth and birth planning. We want every mom to walk into her birth wholly confident that she has the information she needs to make the choices that are best for her and your family.


Preparing for birth is important! This Best Ever Baby guide is loaded with reliable natural health solutions and contributions from leading pregnancy professionals. Trusted experts offer thoughtful advice for whatever type of birthing experience moms want, in whichever setting they choose. Find no-nonsense, evidence-based expert advice and natural product options for labor, delivery, postpartum and the first months after baby is born. Parents are encouraged to bring their own philosophy to the hospital, birthing center and beyond, starting with the birth plan.


For over 30 years, gifts and goodie bag kits from healthcare providers have been part of the new-mom experience. These gifts can provide insight for new moms about how well aligned their own values are with those of their birth and baby care team. Most moms today care greatly about natural ingredients and eco-friendly products and services. The Best Ever Baby Kits offer real value to the modern generation. They are expertly curated by a panel of doctors, nurses and lactation consultants for compliance with BFHI criteria. We offer kits for:

PRENATAL – to support moms on facility tours or in prenatal educational classes.
POSTPARTUM – to support lactation education while providing help and access to a supportive, naturally-minded community.
PEDIATRIC – to help guide new moms through the maze of natural and organic options and support breastfeeding for as long as possible.

Healthcare providers who gift Best Ever Baby resource Kits, sponsored by the Natural Health Grant to support new families, are showing moms that their birth and baby care teams cares deeply about helping families make safe, healthy choices.


The Best Ever Resource Kit is the ONLY hospital approved Resource Kit to exclusively support a natural, healthy lifestyle. It is the FIRST to be hyper-focused on new moms in communities that care about natural values. Best Ever Baby Resource Kits are loaded with expertly chosen product samples, reliable education, top tips from the industry’s most credible experts and support for breastfeeding moms to increase accessibility to the natural, organic lifestyle. Brands and service providers in this kit are reviewed by a medical panel of professionals prior to their inclusion, and are truly best in class.


Best Ever Baby was founded as an NGO by Kim Walls, an activist for women, health and the environment. She was named one of the “9 Wonder Women of the Natural Industry” by New Hope Media, and is a nationally recognized natural products expert. Her work has been featured in publications including Real Simple, Fit Pregnancy, Huffington Post, and on-air by the CBS Early Show and Good Morning America.

As a second-generation natural products expert, fourth generation entrepreneur and mom of two boys, Kim created Best Ever Baby to help share the passion and products of credible experts with new and growing families, especially as they work through the first stages of pregnancy in the birth plan. Spearheading this collaboration across industries and potentially competitive brands made sense to Kim after selling the last company she founded, Babytime by Episencial, because it ultimately best serves growing families by introducing them to the enhanced health that effective, natural and organic products can provide.

For over 15 years, leading child health advocacy groups and national media have relied on Kim’s clinical expertise to help parents navigate the often-confusing world of natural products. She also shares her experience internationally in the medical community and with childbirth and postpartum professionals and parents; underscoring the relationship between optimum health and a natural lifestyle.


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